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BIG UPGRADE! Customer service is beyond excellent and I was impressed by their quick and personable replies. Shipping was fast and it was fun for the kids to help unpack and expand. Thanks for a great mattress!

Stacey R.

Great service and product! Customer service was so easy to deal with and replied quickly! The mattress was delivered right to my door same day I requested delivery. I’m happy with comfortable the Matty is!

Marissa M.

Amazing quality and service! My only regret is that all they sell is mattresses! The customer service is so great too. Mattress is so comfortable, I was worried it would be too firm but it's absolutely perfect.

Christy C.

Great Buy! This was a great buy for me. Delivered exactly when it was supposed to be, easy and quick to set up. Everything went smoothly and for less than half the price of a similar product from a big retailer.

Ryan T.

My Mom Loves Her Mattress. She has only been sleeping on it for about 2 weeks but found no more back pain waking up and symptoms of her frozen shoulder has been dissipating. I am glad that I bought Matty Mattress!

Dennis M.

Customer service team was great with answering questions. Mattresses came quickly. Very supportive and will be good long solution for my boys as they grow older. I am glad that I bought Matty!

Phil D.

Legendary Service, Amazing Mattress. I bought two mattresses from Matty, one for my mom and other for myself. We are both very happy with the Mattress and I'm extremely satisfied the service.

Khang L.

WOW! Unbelievable mattress!! And you certainly can't beat the price! I highly recommend this. The mattress is extremely comfy and worth every penny. Great job guys. Outstanding customer service!

Raymond V.

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