3 Mattress Materials That Promote Healthy Sleep With Comfort

by Deepak Verma January 22, 2019

The sleeping mattress has a direct relationship with your health status this is the main reason why physicians suggest only specific materials. Previously, comfort was the only motive of mattress manufacturers and they completely ignored the health part. Consequently, a lot of people start facing spine problems and bad sleep. However, the time is changing now because scientific mattresses are now available in the market that gives utmost comfort as well as complete spine support too. Different varieties can confuse any buyer. For your convenience, here is a list of some great quality mattress materials that all physicians recommend.

3 great quality mattress materials

1) Memory foam

This is currently the highest trending mattress material because of the great support and comfort factor. No matter in which angle you are sleeping, the material will provide complete support to the body. It is made up of multiple layers that have an anti-sagging tendency. After waking up from the bed, the memory foam returns back to its original shape and you don’t need to flip it frequently. The new versions of queen pillow top memory foam are also temperature resistant and keep your body at a neutral level. The open cell technology in memory foam keeps it always breathable enough to pass the air. Nowadays, gel infused memory foams are also coming into the market that controls the temperature in a better way. These gel particles are meant for absorbing body heat; thus people of hot regions can try it.

2) Latex Mattress

Some latex mattresses are made with 100% natural latex ingredients whereas others are made with the mixture of both natural and synthetic ingredients. If you want a good quality mattress if latex, natural material is highly preferable. The double pillow top mattress with latex ingredient are very durable in nature and last for more than 10 to 15 years after purchase. Due to the latex ingredients, its weight is also much heavier than other variants. A mattress made with 100% latex is much expensive than synthetic one. It is firm in nature and never loses the shape. Physicians recommend it for the patients suffering from spinal alignment.

3) Pocket coil mattress

This is something different than an innerspring mattress because if its more scientific structure. The best pillow top pocket coil mattress is hybridized along with the combination of some comfortable foams. The upper layer of this mattress is made with latex & fiber. The below section is filled with steel springs that individually fitted in different pockets. This structure reduces the motion transfer to a minimal level. Also, the heat directly passes through spring coins and keep your body in utmost comfort level while sleeping.

Apart from these topmost selling variants, air bed, water bed & innerspring are also some options to choose from the market.

Deepak Verma
Deepak Verma