Choose affordable high-tech mattresses for the most comfortable sleep

by Deepak Verma January 21, 2019

Sleeping comfortably has been a luxury in recent times, busy schedules and mental/physical exhaustion being the main reasons. Stress can be dangerous for a person who doesn’t spend enough time sleeping. If you had a proper sleep at night then you will always be fresh the next morning and give your hundred percent otherwise you will be feeling sleepy all day. Managing stress must be done effectively as there’s loads of it. One store for having a sound sleep and releasing stress from your body is Matty Sleeps. Matty Sleeps has been the best place to buy a mattress in Canada for affordable prices and is the first priority for many customers.

Features of Matty Mattress

It is an affordable mattress that comes in a box shipped to your doorstep from Matty sleeps store which provides you with the best quality and the sharpest technology embedded in it. There are various features that have combined to make you feel the best comfort. Following are some of the interesting features of Matty Mattress which Matty Sleeps have in store for you.

  • We offer you a gel memory foam mattress which is present pressure relieving benefits as well as cooling relief!
  • A high density and 360-degree foam encasement.
  • These mattresses come with a pocket coil offering conformability and reduce motion transfer.
  • These mattresses are made of premium knit fabric which improves improve comfort.
  • Our mattress comes with a pillow top which makes it even more convenient to sleep.
  • The overall effective increase in breathability helps in proper rest enabling you to always give your hundred percent. Better breathability will help you reduce rest time as well.

All the above features combine to give you that exceptional comfort you will always cherish and recommend it to your friends and extended family.

Types of Mattresses to choose from

We also provide you with different types of mattresses based on the size you choose. The variety of mattresses gives you an option for a single/twin mattress size, double/full bed mattress and a Queen size mattress. As their names suggest, the main difference is in size described as follows.  

  • Single/twin mattress size means it accommodates only a single person with one unit having a  size 74 by 39 inches.
  • Double/full bed mattress accommodates two people at a time being of size 74 by 54 inches.
  • The queen size mattress also accommodates two people with size 80 by 60 inches.

It‘s best for you to choose the one which suits your requirements the most from a quality range of best mattresses available to you in Canada. You don't have to put in much effort even when you receive the mattress as these are shipped in a box at your doorstep and you just need to position it at the desired place after easy unboxing and unwrapping. Not to forget, you get all the above benefits at very affordable prices.

Deepak Verma
Deepak Verma