Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

by Nav Kandola November 16, 2018

If you're like most people, falling into bed at the end of the day is something that you look forward to on your worst days.  Regardless of a good or bad day, we want to make sure that you always have access to that comfort by choosing the perfect mattress for your needs.  The thing is, with all of the titles and dimensions out there, it can be hard to determine which one is best. What's the difference between a twin size mattress and a double size mattress, for example?  Or, is there really enough space for a queen size mattress in a guest room? If you hate numbers, or you're just tired of struggling, take a look at the guide below.

Twin Mattresses

Twin Mattresses

The first options out there are the two options for twin size mattresses: twin and twin XL.  Both of these tend to be found in children's rooms and in single person dwellings such as apartments.  The twin mattress measures at 39” x 75” and is the smallest option. Great for children or single adults who want a pile of blankets but can tuck in tight.

A twin XL mattress gives you a little extra wiggle room down below and measures at 39” x 80”.  This size mattress is usually found in dorm rooms or in small bedsit apartments that don't have a lot of space for a full bed.  Roomy and gives some wiggle room.

Full + Queen Mattresses

Next on the list is the choice between a full and a queen size mattress.  The full is often referred to as a double size mattress, because what's better than one thing with two names, right?  It measures at 54” x 75” and gives you a bit more room than the twin mattress would. It can be great for young adults or single adults that want some room to move around or share it with pets, but don't want anything too big.  This will fit nicely in a guest room or a traditional bedroom size in an apartment (unless you live in New York).

A queen mattress is definitely the most popular size on the market.  It measures to be 60” x 80” and will give bedmates the space they need for a comfortable night's rest.  This is a great mattress for most master bedrooms and is the ideal choice for sharing the bed with a partner, a pet or children.

King Mattresses

King + Cal King Mattresses

If you're looking at something that will offer you just a little more space, than take a look at a king mattress.  This measures at 76” x 80” and will be great for couples who want lots of room to move around or share the space with children and pets at the same time.  This would be found in spacious bedroom suites and would definitely need a larger sized room for this to fit in comfortably.

Lastly, the largest size mattress out there is the California king mattress.  This is going to give you an impressive 72” x 84” and is perfect for those that simply need as much space as possible in a mattress.  Great for those with a bunch of pets or children that like to hog all of the space, this will give everyone wiggle room and then some.   This is also recommended for those that are tall, as the extra length is perfect for making sure no one has cramped or cold feet.

While it may seem impossible to choose which size when looking at the store without bringing in your bedroom furniture and making a set that you can drag the mattress into, arm yourself with the knowledge of sizes and you'll find that choosing the right mattress for your needs and room size is a whole lot easier (and less labour-intensive than bringing your bedroom to the store).  Your happy place awaits, you just need to get it!

Nav Kandola
Nav Kandola