Sleep Is Back For Everyone

Trying to catch a few zzzs shouldn't have to be this complicated


The Problem?

Not everyone can invest such a ridiculous amount of money into a mattress sold by today’s mattress retailers, nor should they have to!

The solution?

Design, create, and deliver a mattress that offers a good nights sleep at a dreamy price…

And we did it!

Introducing the all new Matty Mattress!

a truly affordable mattress

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Our Story

Matty Sleeps is an exciting mattress in a box brand that is beautifully crafted to offer quality, convenience, and affordability. Started by two brothers out of their parent’s furniture shop in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Matty Sleeps was developed to make the mattress buying experience simple and pain free for everyone.

After years of experience in the industry, we realized something – the mattress world is pretty confusing. With so many different types of mattresses along with the nightmarish prices, trying to catch a few ZZZs shouldn't have to be this complicated. Isn’t dealing with the alarm clock every Monday morning enough to worry about? The struggle is real, we know. As a mattress in a box brand, we aimed to make this whole process easier, hassle-free, and most importantly, affordable; with that, Matty Sleeps was introduced.

Better yet, you don’t even have to visit a showroom where the prices are inflated and test a bunch of mattresses like Goldilocks. Just like you, we believe in saving that time for those lazy Sundays in bed, brunches with great company, or a nice cup of coffee out on a morning walk.

We cut out the traditional pushy middlemen, commissions, and brick and mortar stores and designed an innovative rolled pocket coil - memory foam mattress that sleep enthusiasts will love without having to break the bank. We’ve done all the work for you – we pack the Matty Mattress in a box that ships directly to your door.

Our laid-back, friendly approach extends to our online store. We wanted to make mattress shopping fun and, less overbearing at the same time. Sleep and everything to do with sleep should be a comfy and cuddly experience.