Refer a Friend Incentive Program

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At Matty Sleeps, we have implemented the Refer a Friend program to make your experience an enjoyable one. Through this program, we allow you to earn money by telling friends and family members about our the Matty mattress. Our marketing efforts are what make us unique in the boxed mattress industry.

When you sign up to become a part of the Refer a Friend program, you’ll receive e-mail newsletters and unbeatable mattress promotions to save you and your friends some cash.

To share the love of Matty with your friends and family, we’ll generate a personal link uniquely created only for you. Post it on social media, your blog or website, or just email it to a few friends. When a friend clicks on it, the link will lead them to

Once a friend completes a purchase, the Matty Sleeps Fam member is notified. After 30 days (to ensure the friend isn’t going to return the mattress, plus time for processing and shipping), the Matty Sleep Fam Member will receive C$20.00 for Queen, C$15.00 for Double, C$10.00 for Twin, sent through PayPal.